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You may notice that the first three stories are pretty much the same as some from the Different Strokes series, and I'll tell you that essentially they are the exact same stories, only with different endings to replace Harry getting caught masturbating. They reached Potter Manor, which Harry had found 3 years after he left. Sex scenes in fanfiction often feature a variety of time-honored and cringey tropes — think tongues battling for dominance — and smutty fic set in the Harry Potter universe is no different. Books » Harry Potter Rated: M, English.

Category: Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female > Snape/Hermione Dragon prints: 18118: Disclaimer: All characters and settings are the creation of JK Rowling. Harry nodded and motioned to his girls and they left. Rowling or Warner Bros. Speaking of strange, ever wondered how you have sex with a ghost? A certain thought was starting to nag in the background, but Harry didn't let it surface yet. Summary: After an Auror raid gone awry, Harry is left with heightened lust and a very high sex drive. Sex God Harry Potter.

Harry chuckled. I'm your godfather, Harry Potter. He had the perfect wife, perfect kids, prefect friends, and didn't have to worry about the evil of Voldemort ever again. Traveling back in time, she tries to create a world where Harry Potter exists, but that might be hard. -----After the delicious breakfast made by Molly, Harry went up to Ginny's room.

Ginny and Harry were kissing each other, as if they were fighting over the last of the oxygen. He was different like the so few Wizards who has female body parts. These are just some smutty Harry Potter oneshots. After learning of the betrayals heaped upon him, as well as the horrors Voldemort and his followers would go on to perpetrate, Harry agrees to go back as an employee of Death, LLC. Fanfic: Harry & Ginny Ch 1, Harry Potter | FanFiction In a bedroom at The Burrow, two young people were passionately making out. Gin, open up. is an archive of Harry Potter Fanfiction stories of all types and no restrictions.

K. Her Husband Vernon Dursley and c. This tag belongs harry potter sex fanfiction to the Additional Tags Category. The Weasleys are a Really Loving Family This is a new series of Harry Potter lemons. Harry's life turns into a game, where he is the main character. Harry Potter and the Making of Sex Slaves by darthme1011.

In the meantime, I figured a fic containing basically a bunch of sex would be fun to write. Will they be able to work through it all together? Also, there probably will be a mix of different years in this fic, again it isn't story based at all and I'm going to change things to better fit, but Harry and his group are 16 in this fic. Rowling had a way of throwing a bone to the grown-ups here and there by slipping in sly little adult references along the way. -THIS IS A SEQUEL TO AFTER. But unexpected circumstances force them to face their pasts, which have come to haunt their present.

by Alexannah Chapter One: Sex Ed “Get up, everyone, we’re late! Harry Potter (279) Fleur Delacour (253) Hermione Granger (153) Luna Lovegood (70) Nymphadora Tonks (70) Ron Weasley (65) Daphne Greengrass (63) Ginny Weasley (54) Sirius Black (52) Albus Dumbledore (50) Include Relationships Fleur Delacour/Harry Potter (324) Hermione Granger/Harry Potter (94) Harry Potter/Nymphadora Tonks (75). Harry asked.

In a world without Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom was defeated by the current ruler of the world, Lord Voldemort. There was a bright flash of light and now Molly Weasley was now Molly Potter the soul mate of Harry Potter. He couldn't leave the Island. and the part that appears to be is actually debatable. Each Male Prefect must inform all 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th year boys in his House that a boys only Sex Education Seminar is to take place today at 4:00PM. And he wasn't alone.

Gran has said so much about you. Draco Malfoy was there as well - His arch nemesis. Will Malfoy ever forgive himself? Cho said. Harry Potter was in the Malfoy Manor, finding a way to escape.

They made quite a sight as they walked through the Ministry. *I hope you enjoyed Harry's Sex Year and Harry Potter and the Slutty Hallows. Snape and McGonagall were going to be teaching sex ed. Ron and Ginny were both extremely red faced, and Harry later found out that this was because Mr and Mrs Weasley had been asked to help the. This is an unofficial fan site and is not potter connected or endorsed by J. Oh, so you're Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Edition. He just wanted to enjoy the moment, not having had much joy in life before. She was determined to bring Luna back to normal after what Harry had done.

His wife is more than happy to accomodate this, but when Ginny gets picked to play on the English National Team for the current run of the Quidditch World Cup, things get difficult. Rose, now eighteen, was hanging out with sixteen year old Lily, after her parents were away for the weekend. Hello, Teddy. FanFiction. Thus begins the journey of Harry Potter as the hero of Potter Verse. The Harry Potter Common Room (defunct, Wayback) Harry Potter FanFic Archive (no slash) Harryoteca (Portuguese) ; (French) Harry Potter Fanfiction Archiv (German) HP Fandom; The Ink and Quill (defunct) Lumos (part of Sycophant Hex) Marauders' Map FanFiction; MuggleNet Fanfiction; Obscurus (defunct, Wayback) Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy have finally gotten used to a quiet life together in America.

I was hoping to meet you soon. So I say, so mote it be! Their tongues battled wildly as Harry gently lowered Ginny onto her bed. Watch as Harry conquers the world of Potter Verse as not just a.

As the Dark Lord gains control, someone decides to take action. All submitted FanFic stories remain the property of their authors and must not be copied in any form without their consent. Loads of sex, multiple partners, rape, incest, and through it all, Harry is still a nice guy. Harry Potter & Hermione Granger's Sexual Secrets by Maylia. Not in an Island bound by ancient magic. You like reading about sex, fluffy or not. Harry couldn't get away from Malfoy.

For your crimes against house Potter, I declare you, Ginevra Molly Weasley a Sex Slave of house Potter. Harry at the lead with the ex-Death Eater Bella trailing smiling behind him, the other nine girls walking behind him in pairs of 2, with Tonks at the rear. podcasting erotica. Harry Potter never had sex before until fifth year when his uncle decided to rape him.

All submitted FanFic stories remain the property of their authors and must not be copied in any form without their consent. Author’s Note: Just to clarify, Harry is a girl for the majority of the fic and as such, technically most of the romance is not actually slash. Harry’s Magical Penis Harry and Hermione were short harry potter sex fanfiction tempered when they boarded the train.

Harry was walking back from the feast with Ron and Hermione. I've been on a vacation for a little while so you haven't seen me in quite a while, said Harry. A blinding flash of light sealed Ginny as Harry's sex slave, and a metal collar with the Potter crest appeared around Ginny's neck and the chair under Ginny disappeared as the magic of Hogwarts acknowledged Ginny as.

Cho blushed again. Day of Blooming (Rose Weasley and Lily Luna Potter from Harry Potter) Lily looked a bit reluctant, when her older cousin, by two years, Rose, dragged her in the direction of the bedroom. Ye- no!

Come read, write, and explore our site. Accepting food from a certain skeletal figure, she gains a seer like vision of Harry's time at Hogwarts : one of a horrible future created by the machinations of Dumbledore and separation of Soulmates Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, trapped in marriages against their will depsite them being Heavenly Soulmates. Cho may have liked Harry once but brainwashing was not something that should continue. ”. The story of how the love felt for the late Lily Potter by her friends casts a warm shadow over her orphaned children and it really works out brilliantly in the end.

Long story short - Ginny Weasley put on a bit more weight than she meant to over the summer. Parent tags (more general): Harry Potter - J. This is the book. Im not sure how well fanfics go down in this forum, but its worth a shot! was nothing more than a sex-pit. He lives at Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging in Surrey, England with his Mother' Sister, His Aunt Petunia Evans-nee Dursley.

Just In. I harry potter sex fanfiction own nothing of Harry Potter and make no money from this story. Oh Molly!

Waving good-bye, Harry realized that his life was perfect. But I put it in the warnings to be safe. Harry Potter and its characters are property of JK Rowling in association with Warner Brothers. This is the tale of Harry Potter.

All was well. Fanfiction; Non-Fiction. Rowling or Warner Bros. Harry Potter gives it a try with Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter’s Ghostly Experience by mercuryidols. Harry continued caressing her body, enjoying touching even areas unassociated with sex, like her chin, the tip of her nose and her fingers. This is an unofficial fan site and is not connected or endorsed by J.

Harry Potter and its characters are property of JK Rowling in association with Warner Brothers. But he f. Author J. Ye-no? K. The story of how Harry and Aubrey Potter are, and aren't, the same person and how their time at Hogwarts mucks things up for them.

Though not its own fanfic, Potterotica harry potter sex fanfiction is a podcast worth checking out for any fan of Harry Potter erotica. They gaze at each other breathing hard. She had overheard Luna talking to Padma about joining Harry's sex cult and how he had taken Tonks too. His scar had not pained him for 19 years. Every Tuesday, hosts Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay.

K. Rowling; This tag has not been marked common. Harry Potter Potterverse Hardcore by Mateos. ----- You’re a Woman, Harry! K. This is a multi-chapter weight gain fanfic Ive been writing recently.

The Harry Potter series has sold billions of dollars worth of books, movie tickets and DVDs because it's one of those rare series that children can enjoy but won't make adults want to gouge out their eyes. He had to get out of there alive. They had spent twenty minutes walking to the station from Grimmauld place and even though Sirius’ antics as padfoot had made them laugh, Molly Weasley’s constant reminders of her disapproval had soured the atmosphere. Will Harry be able to make her feel a little better about it. Summary: Harry Potter dies for the 7th time, forcing Death to have a face to skull talk with the young man.

Harry Potter finds himself shagging every woman in Great Britain, and it is all thanks to harry Draco Malfoy. Each Female Prefect must inform all 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th year girls in her House that a girls only Sex Education Seminar is to take place today at 4:00PM. Cried Harry as he Shot gallons of his baby maker into Molly's womb and she also exploded on Harry's cock.

Harry potter sex fanfiction

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